DNA Blood Gender Test

Sneak Peek Ultrasound believes you shouldn’t have to wait 9 months to see your baby!

With our DNA blood test, you can determine your baby’s gender as early as 6+ weeks!


Gender DNA Services

Sneak Peek Clinical DNA

Boy or Girl? Find out as soon as 24 hrs with SneakPeek Clinical Early DNA Gender Test!

$129 2-3 business day results 


Add an ultrasound onto your Sneak Peek Clinical DNA:

+$39 with the 2-3 business day result blood draw ($20 savings)

 and just $29 with the next day result blood draw! ($30 savings)

Your ultrasound will include:

  • 5 min 2D Session
  • 3 B&W Prints
  • Gallery of images and videos sent to your phone
  • Measurements to get an estimated due date
  • Heart rate

….and a priceless peace of mind

If you’re in a hurry, we’re here to help!

If you just can’t wait any longer, and want to know if you’re having a boy or girl, we can help!  Starting as early as 6+ weeks* our DNA blood test can provide answers!

If you’re just anxious to know your your bundle of joy’s gender as soon as possible, our DNA blood test is the perfect choice.

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